About me

Hello, my name is Mayte! I'm a history student who lives in a small town in the Netherlands. I love everything cute and magical and I like to express this with the way I dress. That's why I take lots of inspiration from Japanese street fashion.

I dream of having a wardrobe full of clothing from Harajuku, but for now my hobby is finding the most adorable outfits in thrift stores. This is also because I care about the state of our planet and everyone who lives here. I try to be the change I wish to see in the world, which could be so wonderful if we all did our best.

Actually, I'm now starting to get back on the spiritual path that I once abandoned to be more normal. I love reading books about spiritual stuff. Crystals are like friends to me.

Though English is not my first language, I think it's truly beautiful. I hope that writing this blog will help me to improve in this language, so I can communicate with people in every part of the world. 

Please feel free to message me, I would love to talk to you!

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