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How To Ask Your Guardian Angel For Help And Get Results

In part 1 of my blog series about guardian angels, I talked about how we all have at least one guardian angel and how to tell if they're with you. This blog post will tell you how to ask your heavenly friend for help.

Now that you've found out about your guardian angel, he or she wants nothing more than to help you in life. After all, that was their goal when they were first assigned to you! Often, when they see you struggling with anything at all, your angel wishes you would just let it go so they could help you. But they can't, so long as you do not ask.

This is because, before you came to this planet, your guardian angel and you made certain agreements. Your angel swore to you not to break your free will. This means that they promised never to interfere in the events of your life, unless you explicitly asked them to.

If you've had a tough life so far, you might wonder: "why would I have made a stupid agreement like that?" Well, the reason our souls leave heaven to come to planet earth is because we want to experience what it's like to have a completely free will, even when this has terrible consequences. In heaven, such freedom is simply not imaginable! To our souls, this is exciting and our angels do not wish to take this opportunity away from us.

Our souls also want to grow and learn. That's why we often go through challenging experiences at the start of our lives. These experiences might be truly horrible, but sometimes they also bring us valuable knowledge. Often, these challenging times are also a preparation for our purpose in life. Each of us comes to this planet for a specific reason, to do something great that will really help humanity. Our challenges give us the strength and wisdom needed to complete this special mission.

However, at some point there is no need for us to struggle anymore. At some point, our souls are ready for a change, a brighter life. When this is the case, your guardian angel will really step forward and try to get your attention. They could, for example, lead you to articles about guardian angels such as this one. Then, little by little, you will learn how to make your life gentler and more fulfilling.

Having said that, there is an exception to the rule that angels can't help you unless you ask. The only time they can help you without your permission, is when your life's in danger, but you haven't completed your life mission yet. Your life mission is important for the entire planet, so when you haven't fulfilled it your guardian angel wants to prevent you from leaving the earth. Apart from those times, your permission is necessary.

So, next time you struggle with anything in your life, please remember to ask for help! Your guardian angel was assigned to you specifically and their only purpose is to assist you. "I always have time for you!" is what he or she wants to say to you. Seeing you happy is their greatest joy. Never forget to ask! You're never bothering them: rather, it bothers them to see you suffer because of a problem they could easily help you solve.

All kinds of new doors opened

What kind of things can your guardian angel help you with? Really, you can ask for anything at all. But a common thing people ask their angel for, is physical protection. You can ask your angels to keep you safe from harm and to surround you with protective, white light. Ask them to guide you towards positive and loving situations and people. You can do this every day.

You can also ask them to shield your aura from negative energy. Sometimes, when we're really sensitive, other people's emotional energy can affect us. Ask your angels to surround you in a bubble of white light. That way, it's easier to keep your energy positive and you will be less tired by the end of the day.

The above requests are things you can ask every day. In fact, your guardian angel would really encourage you to do so, because it will greatly improve your life. Here is an example of a prayer to ask for protection:

However, even just thinking "Guardian Angel!" is enough to immediately call in their protection. Why does the above prayer say thank you, instead of actually asking? It's because this statement of gratitude will help you feel that it's already so. You'll feel that you're already safe. That way, your energy field will shift to a feeling of safety. This will help attract positive experiences to you and keep negative ones at bay.

Sometimes there are also big requests we want to make from our angel. This could be about a dream, or about a huge problem we have. Our angel is always willing to help us with this: they are just as exited or concerned about it as we are, perhaps even more!

Ask and it is given

Have you stumbled upon a bothersome problem, or is there a wish you want to make from the bottom of your heart? Then go ahead and tell your angel what it is that you want. Don't worry too much about how you word your request: there is no right or wrong way to ask. You can use a formal prayer, or you can just tell them exactly how you feel. The most important thing is that your request is genuine and sincere.

Your angel is always listening. Every prayer of yours is precious to them. They hold every one of your wishes and take them up to heaven, like a rising star. Once it's in heaven, it is fulfilled immediately in spiritual form. Then your angel will plan how to make this spiritual form appear as a real thing in your life. And you can help with this.

Your wish will be fulfilled sooner when you have a pro-active attitude. That way, you can help your angels make your wish come true, rather than blocking them. It will boost the speed of your prayers. Here are some ways to help your angel make your wish come true:

Just daydream

Your thoughts are very powerful. They are like tiny magnets, attracting things to them. So when you think about something a lot, it will show up in your reality somehow. Maybe just try it out. Keep an eye on your thoughts for a while and observe your environment for the next few days. 

Do things show up that match? Maybe you were worried about your car and then stumbled upon many news stories about car accidents, or you were thinking about butterflies and now you see pictures of them everywhere. This effect is called the Law of Attraction. 

You can use this effect in your favor. In fact, when you do that while calling upon your guardian angel, your request will really boost in speed! How?

The key is to imagine your wish as if it were already fulfilled. See it in your mind's eye, like a daydream. Try to feel what it would be like if your dream came true. Would you be happy? What would it look like? Just relax and have fun imagining your ideal situation. 

Let's give an example. Say you would like to visit Paris. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself standing under the Eiffel Tower and looking up at its beauty. Admire the lights as they shine in the night sky. Feel the breeze in the air and the magic of the moment. Then look around you as you mentally walk on the boulevard and smell all the sweet macarons in the cafe's. 

Doesn't this sound easy and fun? Yet it works so well. As long as you just enjoy the daydreaming. Don't worry about how it will happen: trust that your guardian angel will take care of it. Do this little daydreaming while asking your angel for help and it will come to you. 

Being thankful that it's already done

Do you remember when I said: as soon as your prayer has reached heaven, it's immediately fulfilled in spiritual form? That's because in heaven, time doesn't exist. Therefore, when your angel wants to make something happen for you, they can immediately create it in spiritual form, which makes it exists as an energy version!

Then why don't you immediately see the results in your real life? That's because in this material world that we live in, everything is delayed by time. So even when your prayer has already been fulfilled in spiritual form, it simply takes some time for it to show up in this world.

Always remember: Your request has come true. You just haven't gotten to that point in time yet. 

Your angel has already figured out how to make it come true. He or she's got a plan. They know where you need to go to talk to that one helpful person you need, how long it takes to make certain things fall into place, what steps you need to take... It's just that it can't all happen in one day! I mean, if it did, that would be weird, right?

As soon as you have made a wish, thank your angel for making it come true. Know that they have already figured it out. Know that they've already fulfilled it in spiritual form. Thank them for helping you to make it come true.

When you feel strong gratitude knowing that your wish is already fulfilled, it will appear in your physical world faster than you can imagine. Remember how powerful your thoughts are. And gratitude is one of the most powerful energies of them all!

Follow the steps 

Once you have prayed for help, your guardian angel will put together an action plan to make it happen. What so many people forget is that most of the time this will include some steps that have to be taken by you.

Your guardian angel will communicate these steps to you. If you relax and let go, you'll effortlessly receive these steps through your intuition. You'll get repeated thoughts, ideas and nudges to do certain things. You might also get signs from your angel. Sometimes the steps your angel requires from you are obvious. For example, if your wish is to write a successful book, then it makes sense that an important step would be to write regularly.

However, a lot of the time your intuitive nudges will seem completely unrelated to your prayer. For example, your guardian angel might guide you to go to the gym, and you'll be like: "what?!" But maybe you'll meet someone there who can help you get in touch with a publisher for your book!

Or maybe getting some exercise will help you relax more, so you have more inspiration to write a good book. If you feel a strong nudge to do something and it feels like it could come from your heavenly friend, just try it out and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Don't worry that you'll miss the guidance that your angel sends you, though! Your angel will make sure you're at the right place at the right time. And if not, from their higher perspective they can see so many possibilities that they already have a plan B. And a plan C, D, E, F, G...

Keep on trusting 

If your wish is pure and comes from your heart, there's a much bigger chance it will come true than you think. After all, your winged companion desperately wants you to be happy and will do everything for it to happen.

There's only one thing that can block your prayers and slow them down. That is: your own beliefs. Like I said before, your thoughts are very powerful. While positive thoughts are the most powerful of them all, negative thoughts can also have an effect.

When you think a negative thought often, it becomes a belief. For example, when you think: "I'm so broke, it's so hard to get money" many times, you start to believe that making money is hard. However, this belief will work like an obstacle that blocks the flow of money to you!

It's the same with any other thing you want. Your guardian angel tries to deliver it to you, but it's simply blocked.  Your energy pushes the blessings away. If blessings fell down from the sky like  rain, then thinking negative thoughts would be like holding up an umbrella! Your fulfilled wishes fall on the umbrella and ricochet away from you. 

So if your prayers don't come true, put that umbrella down. Try to take a look at your thoughts and beliefs around the subject. Do they mostly feel positive, or negative? If they're negative, you don't need to push them away. That usually just makes them worse.

Rather, gently try to discover where these negative thoughts came from. Are they from something that happened in your childhood? Or did you pick up this negative view from social media? Try to notice how these beliefs make you feel. If you need to cry or yell, don't be afraid to do so. It will help you to let the belief go.

Then make an effort to create new, positive beliefs. There are many ways to do this. One popular way is by using positive affirmations, which are like positive statements. For example, if you want to have more money, you could say: "I am abundant. I can freely spend money on things that I like."

You can find a lot of these affirmations on sites like Pinterest, by searching "affirmations + your topic". You can write them on sticky notes and put them in spots in your house where you'll often see them. Or you can create a memo in your phone that reminds you to say the affirmation. 

Maybe you never even questioned your beliefs before, they were simply taught to you. But know that it's safe to let them go. Everyone has a different perspective on life and none of them are really the truth. It all depends on what you were taught and how you look at things. But your beliefs affect your reality, so only choose to keep beliefs in your mind that you actually want to be true.

If you choose to hold on to your negative beliefs, your guardian angel will have a harder time delivering your prayers to you. However, even the intention to question your beliefs already clears some of the blocks. So please be patient with yourself, since reprogramming your mind is a constant process that can take some time.

If you're having a particularly hard time dealing with negative thoughts, maybe take a look at my previous blog post: Honoring Your Feelings VS Positivity: How To Find A Balance. It describes how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way.

The power of gratitude 

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive energies in the universe. And remember, you attract what you send out. Therefore, sending out thoughts of gratitude will attract more things to be grateful for. The angels will be able to send you more and more blessings.

Maybe there are a lot of negative things going on in your life right now. Quite understandably, this makes being thankful seem impossible. However, complaining only adds more negative energy, which attracts more negative situations. Thankfully, there is something you can do about this cycle.

No matter how hard your situation is, there's always at least one thing to be thankful for, and 99% of the time there's much more than one. There's so much stuff that we take for granted on a daily basis , while other people are praying for it.

For example, in the morning you can give thanks to God or Mother Earth for your breakfast. There are thousands of people who are not lucky enough to have a decent meal on their plate. Really take the time to taste the food and realize how good it is. Enjoy it!

Maybe there have been people in your life who treated you badly, but you can still be thankful if there's at least one person who is kind to you. Many people are completely alone. Be thankful for the sunshine on your face, or for the rain that allows the plants to grow.

Be thankful for those comfortable jeans that make your day just a little better. Be thankful for that wonderful song in your playlist. Maybe keep a gratitude journal and write down three things you are thankful for every day. You'll notice your mood starts to improve just by doing that.

It's not about ignoring the bad things, not at all. Rather, it's about acknowledging that, while there may be a lot of darkness in your life and in the world, there are also points of light that help you make it through. And these things are really worth being thankful for.  

The key is to really pay attention to the good things in your life and to take the time to intensely enjoy them. The more you do it, the more automatic it gets. Then it's very easy for your angels to match you up with even more good stuff. You will soon see the blessings in your life grow.

What is your wish?

Lastly, before you ask something "big", just make sure your request really comes from your soul. Is it something that will really make you happy? Moreover, is it something that will allow you to make this planet a better place?

Sometimes we ask for things because we think it will make us happy, but the angels know that it's an illusion. To take an obvious example, maybe someone has a dream of instantly becoming rich and famous, thinking it will make them happy. Yet their guardian angel sees everything from a higher perspective and knows that if their wish came true, it would not bring them true happiness.

But it could also be other, less obvious stuff. Maybe that career path you had in mind will actually make your life feel dull and meaningless. Or maybe all you want is getting your ex back, but your angel knows that your relationship will just be a cycle of frustration and unnecessary drama.

If that is the case, the guardian angel will protect you from your dream and will not put much effort into fulfilling it. Instead, it will guide you away from this dream and show you other opportunities, just to protect you from taking a direction that will disappoint you. So if your dream takes a long time to come true, this could be the reason.

To prevent this, it's important to make sure your requests are pure and come from the soul. Ask your angel: "is this the right path for me? Will it really make me happy?" Then just pay attention to how you feel. Does it feel "right"? Or does something just feel off?

The most inspiring and uplifting dreams are born from the intention to serve others, to do it for the highest good of all. Therefore, the key to making sure that your request comes from your soul and not your ego is if it will allow you to make a contribution to our planet, if it will help other people in some way.

This is the type of request the angels love to fulfill, not least because they know that helping others brings us true happiness. They will guide you towards meaningful occupations that allow you to use your talents to bring light into other people's lives.

Having said that, of course you can ask for abundance, because your angel wants you to feel prosperous. But do you really need a million dollars for that? Can't you feel abundant from enjoying a wonderful meal, spending time with friends or walking in the sun?

Of course you are heartbroken and want your ex back, but don't you know that your angel has already found someone else for you, who will feel like your "soulmate"? When your angel asks you to let go, it's always because they have something much better in mind for you.

What is your wish? Have you ever asked your guardian angel for help with it? And have you ever been through something so coincidental, that it couldn't possibly be a coincidence anymore?

Wishing you a magical and joyful week,

~Mayte ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

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