Saturday, December 16, 2017

What Was Your Year Like? 33 Journaling Prompts

Dear reader ♡

There are only a few weeks left in 2017, which means you're probably already looking forward to the new year! Maybe you're already making plans, setting intentions, thinking of New Year's Resolutions...

But wait! Believe it or not, but 2017 might still have some gifts left for you. Did you already sit down and reflect about how this year went? Please don't start the New Year without properly ending this one!

I think it's important to think about the past year, just because there's so much to learn from it. And how can you create a good future if you haven't even learned from the past yet?

In addition to that, you probably made so many good memories of this year, maybe even without realizing it! Being thankful for those awesome moments will help you to shine positive vibes out into the Universe, which might just bring you even more good things next year.

You might find out that you were stronger than you thought. Or more positive than you thought. Or that really, not everything was bad - there were some good parts, too. And that will help you let go of the old year and start the new year with a clear mind and a fresh slate.

If you have no idea how to start, journaling might be a good idea! Here are some questions to help you write about and reflect on the past year. You definitely don't need to do all of them! Just choose one or more that you like and write about whatever comes up. Or you could also make a collage or drawing about them!

1. What's the most amazing thing you've learned?
This could just be a cool science fact or a major life lesson. Either one is completely valuable! :)

2. How did you surprise yourself this year?
Did you discover a talent you didn't yet know about? Or could it be that you're much stronger than you imagined yourself to be?

3. What should you forgive yourself for?
Is there a decision or action you regret? Could it be that there's a hidden blessing in the situation? How can you be more compassionate with yourself?

4. What's the best song you've discovered?
It's okay if it's already a really old song. As long as you loved it. You can also put together a "Soundtrack of this year."

5. How did you improve your self care routine?
Or maybe you don't take good care of yourself at all. In that case, think of how you could improve it next year!

6. What's the most difficult thing you've had to do?
Are you proud of yourself for doing it anyway?

7. What was your most beautiful, magical or amazing moment this year?
If multiple moments come to mind, of course you can write them all down. What made these moments so special?

8. Is there a way you contributed to the wellbeing of others?
Don't distinguish between big or small things, any effort to help others matters so much. It doesn't matter whether you donated billions of dollars to a charity or wrote a nice letter to your friend. Every act of kindness has a ripple effect!

9. Is there something really awesome that you made?
Like a cake, a painting, a photo, anything!

10. Did you learn to accept or love something about yourself that you used to see as a flaw?
What motivated you to accept it? If you didn't, how could you learn to love yourself more next year?

11. What person did you meet that you're really glad you've met?
Did you have prejudice about them at first? Were there judgements you needed to let go of? Or maybe you didn't meet someone new, but there's a person you grew a stronger bond with.

12. What moment will you remember even after 5 or 10 years?
Of course this could be good or bad. What made the moment so memorable? If it was good, how did it make you feel? If it was bad, how did it improve you as a person?

13. Was there something or someone that you had trouble letting go of, but you're glad that you did it anyway? 
In hindsight, why do you think you had to let go of it? What improved afterwards?

14. What new thing did you start that turned out to be fantastic? 
Did you have reservations about it first? Maybe you doubted yourself. Did it turn out differently than you expected?

15. What was your favorite outfit?
What made it so great? The colors or the style... Did it make you feel confident? It could also be about multiple outfits.

16. Did you heal something this year?
Was it a recent heartbreak or an old wound? Was it easy or hard? Are you still working on it? Does healing yourself make you feel free?

17. Did you change something about your room or house?
Did it make you feel more at home?

18. Did you found out about a new type of food that you really like?
Think about the first time you tasted it.

19. What's the best advice you received?
Were you reluctant to follow it at first? Was it given in a kind or a patronizing tone? What, do you think, is the best way to give advice to people? The advice could also be something you've read somewhere.

20. What's the best book you've read? Or the worst?
Why did you love it or hate it so much? Could also be a movie, of course!

21. Is there something that could be seen as small or silly that made you super happy anyway?
Who gets to decide what is important to you? Why is it important to enjoy the small things in life?

22. Did you improve your relationship with a friend, family member or loved one?
What did you do to make it better? If you didn't how can you do so next year?

23. Do you remember a moment you cried? 
Why was that? Did it make you feel better? If you didn't cry, is that because you were always happy? Or is there a way you can be more in touch with your feelings next year?

24. Did you change something about yourself?
This could be anything, from a new attitude to a new hairstyle or a new favorite color.

25. Was there a moment you needed to ask for help?
How did it make you feel? Do you find it hard to ask for help? Do you think it made the other person happy to help you?

26. Do you remember turning a negative moment into a positive one?
How did that make you feel? What did you do to make it end well?

27. What's the best gift you've bought or made for someone else?
How did they react? Did it make you happy to give it to them?

28. What's your favorite photo you took?
What did you do with it afterwards?

31. Do you remember a moment that you laughed until you cried (symbolically or literally)?
What made the moment so funny?

30. What place did you visit that really amazed you?
This could be a place in your own neighborhood or in a foreign country.

31. Do you remember a nice moment with your friend?
Why do you love this friend so much?

32. What is something that you're really grateful for? (to a person or to the Universe in general?)
How do you express your gratitude? Is it important to you?

33. Did an amazing coincidence happen? 
Could it have been a wink from the Universe?

I hope these journaling prompts will help you & most of all, I hope you have lots of fun writing about them! ♡ Do you ever look back on your year? Do you generally find you've made a lot of progress, or do you never notice how far you've come?

Wishing you Happy Holidays and an amazing, magical New Year,

~Mayte ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

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