Monday, April 10, 2017

March Thrift Store Finds: Colorful Spring Wardrobe and Vintage Ponies

Hello dear readers ♡

We have already flipped the page from March to April a while ago, but due to exams and papers I only had time to show you my thrift store finds now. I'm very sorry I didn't post as often as usual.

This month I went to the thrift shop a few times and I'm very thankful for the things I found. I thought it was super fun that the thrift store brought out all the cute Easter related things they had. So much cute stuff with chickens, bunnies and eggs.

It's really convenient that they change their selection of items like this. It does make me wonder how much stuff they must have. The clothing section now seems to be sort of in between the seasons. They still have some warm clothes, but also lighter ones. I bought a few clothing items, I'll show them to you now.

Summery floral skirt 

This skirt is patterned with small yellow and orange flowers. It reminds me of summer, lemonade and oranges. Like many of my thrifted clothes, it was originally from a Dutch department store called HEMA.  

What I love most about this skirt is that the lining makes it a little bit fluffy. When worn, it's not flat, but it has a nice a-line type of shape. It makes me feel very elegant. It also has ties so I can adapt it to my size, and when tied into a ribbon it looks princess-like. 

I'm super thankful I have found this skirt, I think I'll wear it a lot this summer. Its fabric is sturdy and not transparant, so it can easily be worn without tights. 

Foresty floral skirt

This skirt reminds me of an adventurous fairy who lives in a forest full of flowers and woodland critters. It's very comfortable and light. It's also nice that it has large pockets, which means I can carry many crystals around with me!

The pattern is cute and colorful, but not sugary sweet. I think it would be really nice to wear for a day  out in nature or a picknick. 

Bubblegum pink trousers

I was looking for new pants, because these days I like to wear them with those tops that are too short to be dresses, but too long to wear with a skirt. For wide flowy tops or tunics it's perfect! And I love this color. Pink suits almost anything and it makes everything so much more cheerful.

It's actually slightly too big for me, but I don't mind. I like that it looks a little baggy. It's very comfortable, too. The fabric is soft. Also super important: its pockets are real! Yay!

Purple boots

Technically it's spring now, so it might be too late to wear boots. But in the Netherlands you never know what the weather decides to do! I thought they were just too cute. They make me feel like a girl from an old-fashioned movie or a Hogwarts student during her free time. I think they would be nice to wear for special occasions, too. 

Easter decoration 

My mother found this cute egg and she asked me if I wanted to hang it in my room. I think it's so cute. It reminds me of tv shows I would watch when I was a child. Lots of pieces were broken, but they were all in the plastic bag around it, so we could just glue them back on. 

I think it's super nice to walk into my room and see this adorable egg on the wall. It warms my heart. I always stop to look at all the details. It reminds me that Easter is almost here, too! 

G1 My Little Ponies

I've had a small wish to collect 80s ponies for a while now, but despite seeing so many of them on the internet, I never had much luck finding them in my small town. So I was really happy that I finally stumbled upon a few. They're definitely not in a perfect state, but I only planned to display them in my room, anyway. 

I don't yet know that much about G1 ponies, so all my info about them is from Google. I love the larger one with her rainbow hair. At first I thought her cutie mark depicted sprinkles, but on Wikipedia I saw her name is actually Confetti. That's also really cute, I think! The pink baby pony, I think she's called Ember, was attached to her. 

I'm also really happy that one of them is a unicorn. I love unicorns so much and I love her pink and lilac hair. I think her name, Baby Moondancer, is also very dreamy. Her moon and stars cutie mark has glitter on it. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the things I found, and I hope you have lots of fun looking for your own little thrift store treasures. Do you also collect something? Or do you go to the thrift store for other things? 

Wishing you a wonderful week full of magic,

~Mayte ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

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  1. I love your easter egg, so cute :) Unbelievable what great things you find in thrift shops. I really have to visit one too! xx Simone from Zurich

    1. Thank you!! :) You're right, I think that's a good idea! I wish you lots of luck in finding amazing things!
      - xoxo Mayte ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ