Monday, February 13, 2017

Book impression: Love from Heaven by Lorna Byrne

From Lorna Byrne's website

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I thought I would share my impression of a book about love by Lorna Byrne I've read recently. The wonderful stories Lorna Byrne tells about the visions of angels she's had since she was little might cause many a sceptic to raise an eyebrow. And that's perfectly okay! Everyone sees things differently and that's interesting and important. When I was younger I also believed in angels, but since people around me thought that was strange I stopped thinking about them. Then when I opened up to them again some time ago, their guidance led me to restore my faith in their existence.

And even if they don't actually exist, the authors of angel books usually make good points anyway. So does Lorna Byrne in the book I've read, Love from Heaven. In this book she discusses an observation that wouldn't surprise many people: there's a lack of love in the world. The angels told her that God's plan was to make every generation kinder and more loving, but instead children these days are colder than ever.

According to Byrne, who has been able to literally see love as a colorless mist since she was little, the problem essentially stems from a lack of self-love. Our souls are made of pure love, but when we encounter a situation that makes us feel hurt or inadequate, it causes us to lock that love away in our hearts. This stops it from flowing to ourselves, but also to others. For this reason, Byrne included a A Seven day path to love yourself more in newer editions of the book. Since my copy is from the library, it didn't yet contain that new part of the book.

However, I thought the book was already a wonderful reading experience in itself. Her goal with the book is to help us free the love we locked away in our hearts. Every chapter deals with a different kind of love, varying from friendship to love for the Earth. In these chapters, Byrne discusses what the angels have told her about these topics and how their advice helped people who struggled with these issues.

I thought those personal stories were very touching. While Byrne can't discuss the problems in depth due to the length of the chapters, her accounts definitely encouraged me to be more conscious of the different ways I can make the world a more loving place. Like Byrne pointed out, every change starts with ourselves, because we are the examples that younger generations get to see. She offers a spark of hope for the future.

Another thing I really liked about this book, is Byrne's attitude of tolerance. For example, she remarked that romantic angels don't exclusively surround straight couples, but also same-sex ones. She writes that our guardian angel, who is assigned to our Soul before we're born, already knows from the beginning what our sexuality will be and accepts it without any judgement at all. After all, God created everyone and he loves everyone equally. Remembering that is one little step closer to peace on earth.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Have you ever read a book about angels? 

I hope you have a very nice Valentine's Day,

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ~Mayte

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