Friday, January 27, 2017

Virtual Fashion: Cosmetic Bunny

Cosmetic Bunny

This dress was already released by Angelic Pretty a while ago. I think the bodice is very cute, with a Peter Pan collar and polka dot lace. The print is also adorable, showing Kiki and Lala, or Little Twin Stars, in fancy clothes and bunny ears, surrounded by makeup.

I think this dress is very suitable for a tea party, but also for a day of shopping. I made this coordinate with the latter in mind. I imagined someone in this dress walking in a city with streets full of pastel vintage shops and cotton candy vendors, drinking tea and eating cake in a cute tea room at the end of the day. But I think this coordinate could work for tea parties or conventions as well.

The one piece has black details, which gives it an elegant look, in my opinion. For some reason, these details reminded me of Paris (or rather, what Paris looks like in pictures and movies, since I've never actually been there (≧◡≦) ), so I added a beret to this coordinate. I tried to emphasize the elegant vibe of the dress with the shoes and the pearls on the shoes, the choker and beret.

Kiki and Lala's outfits reminded me of a circus or theatre show, which explains my decision to pair the one piece with pink and black musical note socks. I thought it would be nice to make the black color of the one piece reappear in the rest of the coordinate. That's why the shoes and the pearl choker are also black.

I added some lavender colored items, too, although technically that color doesn't appear in the print of the dress. I think it looks okay on the internet, because the photo makes some parts of the Kiki and Lala print look lavender from afar. But I wonder if the color harmony would be off in real life? 

What do you think? Could lavender work in this coordinate, or would it look unbalanced?

Thank you for reading my post! Do you like Cosmetic Bunny?


  1. The perfume is really pretty! ANd I love the color of that nail polish. Lilac is always a good choice! xx C&K

    1. Thank you! You're right, I love that color! :)