Sunday, January 1, 2017

Live every day as if it's your birthday

When it's my birthday, everything's special. It doesn't really matter what happens. Sure, it's nice that I get presents and a birthday cake. I'm super thankful for that! But even when I just have to go to school or work, my day still feels amazing and special, just because it's my birthday. I'm always super exited and cheerful!

Last birthday I wondered... What if I decided to live like this every day, the rest of my life? What if I just decided to be cheerful for no reason at all, no matter what? I would probably be a much happier person!

That's why I decided to make this my New Year's resolution. It can't be as hard as some other resolutions, like working out every day or not eating cookies anymore. Because honestly it's the complete opposite!

To me, living every day as if it's your birthday means living every day to the fullest. It means enjoying this day because it's special, and not worrying about being fat tomorrow, because IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY SO OF COURSE YOU CAN EAT THAT CAKE. I don't sweat the small stuff on my birthday, because it doesn't matter for the bigger picture.

It also means making the day amazing not only for yourself, but also for the people who were kind enough to show up on your party! I think it's important to show them your appreciation.

But it also means appreciating yourself and how far you've come!

That doesn't mean that I'll just ignore my negative emotions, though. It simply means that I will set aside some time to feel them, maybe with meditation or by writing them out, or any healthy way of paying attention to them.

But once I've done that, I'll give myself permission to be happy and cheerful again. Because every single day is so special and precious.

After all, isn't every day actually a birthday? Every day you grow older by one day. Every day you learn and experience new things. So why not celebrate?

Thank you for reading my post! Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

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