Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Thrift Store Finds: Warm Winter Wardrobe

Last week I spent some time decluttering my room. I had many things that still looked beautiful and functioned properly, but that I simply didn't use. To make room for new things that are useful for me, I decided to bring them to the thrift store. I thought giving things away was difficult at first, but the idea that they could make someone else happy really motivated me to do it anyway.

After all, I'm always very happy with the cute things I find at the thrift store myself. This month I found a lot of warm winter items. I also found some things that I could use to make a meditation or prayer altar in my room, but I plan to write a separate post about that.

First, I would like to show you the clothes I found. Maybe my finds will inspire you to go thrift shopping more often, too. The recycling of items would really help our planet and the charities the thrift store supports, and it's also fun.

Warm multicolored cardigan

This knit cardigan was originally from a Dutch department store called HEMA. As you might have noticed, the cotton that this cardigan was made of has multiple colors. You can close the cardigan with snap fasteners, which are hidden behind the fabric.

At first I thought the cotton was pink and white with hints of blue, purple and brown. Yet upon taking a closer look I could see that it's actually just three colors: pink, white and brown. Since the threads are intertwined, they create a different effect from afar.

That wide range of colors makes this cardigan very versatile, since it's easy to match with other pieces of clothing. I can use it to connect the different colors in an outfit to make it more balanced. I've been wearing it a lot these days, because it's also very warm.

Sparkly jacket

At first I was surprised to find this jacket at a thrift store, because it looks so new. I also thought it looked pretty fancy, because of the gold on the collar, the sleeves and in the pattern. I almost felt bad for taking it with me! (≧-≦)

I feel very thankful for having this in my wardrobe now. I simply love the pattern so much, the light blue and light pink look beautiful with the brown colors. Because of these soft tints it matches with the rest of my clothing items. Though it's a sturdy jacket, the black fabric on the inside feels very soft on my skin. I haven't worn it very often yet, but that's because it's still pretty cold here, so I've mostly been wearing warm sweaters. This jacket seems perfect for early spring.

Yellow oversized cardigan 

When I saw this knit cardigan I thought the color was very sunny and cheerful. It's a really long cardigan, a trend from a while back. I never really jumped on the bandwagon back then, so I wasn't sure whether this style would suit me. But it's really comfortable and warm, and it looks so cute with a floral dress. I also love that it has large pockets, so I can carry some crystals along with me. I like to wear this cardigan with pink items and flowers in my hair.

Soft pink cardigan 

This light pink cardigan has shiny round buttons and a scalloped collar. For me, light pink cardigans are definitely wardrobe staples. In winter, layering is a very helpful way to wear summery clothes when it's still cold outside. Light pink cardigans make the layering process a lot easier for me. Light pink is so easy to match with other colors and can make any outfit look sweet and cute. That's why I like having multiple cardigans of that color.

Another pink cardigan! (/ω\)

This pink cardigan is made of very thick, soft fabric. It actually reminds me of soft pajamas. That's why I really wanted it, even though the sleeves are a bit long. I'm not sure if it was designed that way, but it seems to be, since the sleeves are so much longer than the bodice.

I decided to simply flip the sleeves over. It's just so cosy and comfortable, so the size doesn't really matter to me. I'm sure I will be very thankful for it during the rest of the winter.

Marshmallow sweater 

The colors of this knit sweater are so cute, they remind me of marshmallows. It also has a gold glittery collar. It's originally from H&M. I like to wear it, because it's warm and easy to match with other pieces.

Fuchsia skirt 

This skirt has a fuchsia color and two layers. It also has pockets! Yay! I was happy to find a skirt that fits me. They don't sell many colorful skirts at the thrift store in my size. 

As you may have noticed, it does have a few small stains. But personally, I don't mind buying items from the thrift store that have minor imperfections. Because to be honest, I usually end up staining my new clothes within a week anyway! 
(⊙﹏⊙✿) Silly me! It feels good when I don't really need to worry about that so much.  

Old-fashioned handbag

When I saw this handbag, it reminded me of the handbags of aristocratic princesses in historical movies. I think it looks super old-fashioned and kitschy, with the pearls and shiny fabric. The clasps are adorable in my opinion. Since I study history I like old-fashioned items like this, so I really wanted to have it. It's not actually historical though, it was originally from another Dutch department store. Still, I think it would be fun to wear this with princessy clothes with lots of lace. 

Whew, that was a picture heavy post! Do you go to the thrift store often?  

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