Sunday, August 21, 2016

Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards

About one year ago, I was struggling with an important choice: what should I study? When my parents discussed this with my former neighbor on a party, she offered to give me an oracle card reading, just for fun.

I grew up reading New Age themed books that I borrowed from my mother, so I was very open to spiritual experiences like this. Still, I hadn't expected card readings to make so much sense.

The cards clearly wanted to tell me to follow my heart and make my own feelings a priority. The coherence of the reading really impressed me. Every card seemed to take in a logical position.

The clarity of the message also seemed to surprise my neighbor. I was very thankful to her and felt supported by "whatever's out there".

After that evening, my interest in oracle cards started to grow. For some reason, I really wanted a "normal" tarot deck, so I bought a Rider Waite one on a discount. I think I preferred those because they made me feel really witchy and mysterious (and because Nozomi from LoveLive! dramatically draws cards from that deck from time to time, too!).

I wanted to look as cool as Nozomi!

Recently, I started reading more books and blogs about angels. Many of them contain pictures of beautiful oracle cards with uplifting messages. Though I didn't want to betray my trusty Rider-Waite cards (they're like friends to me), I felt really inspired to expand my collection.

So when I went to the local crystal store, my original plan was to buy an angel oracle deck. Instead, the Magical Unicorns Deck by Doreen Virtue grabbed my attention right away.

I was fascinated by the artwork on the box with its mysterious and innocent fairytale vibe. I wasn't sure if it would be helpful to me, but it spoke to me more than any other deck, so I took it with me.

My cards are in Dutch. This one says:
Work together with others to find a solution for this situation.

Before I started to spend more time on spiritual websites, I had no idea that some people actually believe in unicorns! However, several spiritual teachers say that they work with these magical beings. It was a little hard for me to believe that at first, but now I'm open to learn more about unicorns in the future.

Now, let's take a look at the Magical Unicorn Cards. They are a lot larger and thicker than my tarot cards. It's pretty hard to shuffle them normally. I usually just throw them all on the table and shake them around, like a storybook witch stirring a green poisonous soup. Except less scary. And with more benevolent intentions.

The cards all have very sweet and inspiring artwork. A variety of art styles are included in the deck, because multiple artists worked on it. I personally think that makes it diverse and interesting.

Creativity. - Draw, paint, think and be creative. 

I have always loved dreamy images like this. It makes me so happy that I can include my love for cute things in my spiritual journey. Plus, some of the unicorns have beards. I think that's pretty amazing.

The text on the cards is usually short. For me that's not a problem, because I'm currently trying to learn how to read cards intuitively. However, there is a little guidebook included in the box, which provides explanations and possible meanings for each of the individual cards.

For the past few weeks I've been using these cards in the morning, to ask for advice I can keep in mind during the rest of the day. At the moment, my "morning routine" goes like this: first I pull a Rider-Waite tarot card, indicating a general idea of what the day will bring. Then I draw one of the Magical Unicorn cards.

This works for me because the unicorn cards are always so uplifting and simple! They give you direct, positive messages, like "Laugh more" or "Believe in yourself" or "Yes, what you are asking is the truth". In combination with the adorable artwork, this turned out to be a very motivational way to start my day.

Best friends - Brothers and Sisters - Let go of stress!

The unicorns always seem to be completely honest. I did a reading for my aunt who was dealing with health issues. The unicorns gave her a straight-out "Train" card, that told her to get more exercise. When I drew another one, it told her to "Practice", which can be used in the same context in Dutch. It made us laugh.

This example shows that these cards are very suitable for practical questions. However, if you're looking for deeper spiritual guidance, they might be too simple. I would recommend choosing a different deck in that case.

After all, the Magical Unicorn Cards were also designed for children. That's why they're so simple and positive. I think many children would love the artwork and the messages of these cards.

In short, I'm really happy I bought this deck. The cards are useful tools for me to receive simple and uplifting spiritual guidance. The beautiful images of unicorns always cheer me up.

Thank you for reading my post! If you have any questions about the Magical Unicorns Deck, I would be happy to answer them!

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