Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bubbling with Inspiration

Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach as I write this first blog post. Well, it's not officially my very first blog post. I mean, I used to have a Tumblr... but I'm not sure whether reblogging pictures of pretty dresses and fictional characters actually counts as blogging!

This is different. Here I will write down my own thoughts and ideas! It's super exciting, especially because English is not my first language. 

Expressing my thoughts has never been my strongest point. In high school I almost never spoke up in class, afraid of what others would think of me. 

Writing, for me, is just so much more fun. I've been keeping a secret diary since I was 8. Of course I safely guarded my thoughts with a heart-shaped lock. 

However, I have a lot of things to say! My goal is to spread positivity and light so I can cheer people up. 

I spent a lot of time decorating this blog so it would reflect what my soul looks like (or at least, what I hope it looks like... pink and glittery!). It doesn't look very professional, but I put my heart into it. 

I wish I could decorate it with even more pictures of what I love. Disney movies, Angelic Pretty dresses, fairies, unicorns, magic... The entire page would be full!

So it's a better idea to express my love for these things with every individual post I will write from now on. 


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